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Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish 

Introduction, Fish Anatomy, Water Chemistry, The Aquarium, Plant Care, Plant Species, Food, Disease, Biotope Aquaria, 'Species by Ecosystem' Database, 'Species by Country' Database, Fish Species and Families, Breeding...

Tropical Fish Aquarium Info Help, Freshwater Questions 

Questions on tropical aquaria fish or other related problems, info and help on keeping fishes to setting up a freshwater tank.

The Krib: Aquaria and Tropical Fish 

This site contains information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web.

The Fish Tank Place 

For beginners and pros... info and supplies for your aquarium.

The Aquarium Resource 

Resource for helpful beginner tips and information for starting and maintaining a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. 

To help you create a River Tank setup and include interesting fish and plant inhabitants. 

Information about home aquariums and simple & easy fishkeeping. Featuring articles, pictures, links, and advice. We are a growing community of Aquarists and you are welcome to join us, or just browse through all the resources available here.

Koi Angelfish 

Koi is a Utah tropical fish hatchery that focuses on bringing the best Orange Koi Angelfish to the hobby. We sell the majority of our Koi Angelfish to Utah fish stores but we save our best stock for private sale.

How to Take Care of a Goldfish 

The complete pet goldfish guide for every novice; learn how to take care of a goldfish and goldfish accessories in a goldfish tank, bowl or pond.

Greenleaf Aquatics 

Exporter of Live Tropical Fishes. (NEGOMBO, SRI LANKA)


FishTogo is a Canadian based commercial producer of extra large (1.5 inches minimum length), German Jumbo Fancy Guppies. Our guppies are available to commercial clients only, on a standing order, or occasional order basis. 

Library - Here you will find species profiles, photos, videos, and a glossary. Community - In our community section you will find our message boards and chat room. Tools - Conversion calculators.

DonĀ“s Aquaria 

Welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to the keeping of freshwater planted aquariums. I hope your stay is an enjoyable one. 

General information about tropical fish keeping and breeding, like livebearers, catfishes, cichlids, and other interesting fishes.

Desert Coral Aquatics 

Your full line pet supply company, specializing in pet supplies for tropical fish and aquariums. Online pet supply store, specializing in fish supplies and information.

Cocoa Beach Salt Water 

Welcome to Cocoa Beach Salt Water. After 2 years of testing the Biofiltertube, we are now offering it to the public.

Cichlids Great and Small 

All Cichlids Great and Small: Tank setup guide, Haplochromis, Mbuna and other species.

AquariumGuys - Fish supplies for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium tank 

AquariumGuys online aquarium store offers a huge selection of tropical fish tank supplies.

Aquarium Decorations ideas 

Personalize your Fish Tank with Fun and Spectacular Aquarium Decorations and Ornaments Like: Ruins, Plastic Plants, Statues, Ships, Corals, Rocks, Caves, etc.

Aqua Botanic 

Welcome to Aqua Botanic, one of the oldest American online suppliers and resource for the aquarium plant hobby.


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