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Budgie healthy diet

Budgie healthy diet  
Most parrots (not only parakeets) will eat seeds if a variety of foods are offered.

Toys, toys, and more toys

Toys, toys, and more toys

You already know that you need a LOT of toys to keep a parrot entertained

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10/13/2019 well trained african grey parrots

Purebred african grey parrots. Have you been thinking about a new birds for yourself or your family? Well this is your oppo...
08/29/2019 Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

Beautiful Blue and Gold Macaws, tame, 20 months old. Talk a little and come w/ a cage 36x48x77. These are our family pets. Th...
08/18/2019 Extra Large Bird Flight Cage on wheels with Doves

Super Large Flight cage on stand with 6 gorgeous doves 3 tangerine colored.... 3 regular colored ringecks They are const...
08/17/2019 blue and gold macaw parrot

Looking for forever homes for my two macaws. Casper is semi tame, he talks, whistles, mimics and is a real character. He wi...

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