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Our dog Sammy
(3/6/2012) Our Dog Sammy












(7/22/2009) Photos sent by Gene Davenport

Just A Few Pictures of My Babys

(12/8/2008) Our new puppies. Photo sent by Pamela

(9/17/2008) Ibizan hound Suicide Blond, "Sue". Photo sent by Wayne

(7/24/2008) Guinea Pig Nellie


(3/25/2008) "Elsa" - 8 weeks old (chocolate/ffffff border Collie puppy). Photo sent by Wanda

(10/14/2007) My two dogs Ren & Skip. Photo sent by Lorna

(10/12/2007) My handsome dog Wilbur. Photo sent by Sandra

(10/7/2007) Sweet dog

(2/19/07) His name is Neyo

(12/1/06) Siamese kittens

(9/28/06) Grey hound

(9/12/06) Cat

(8/20/06) Brotogeris, canary wing parakeets. Name: Cyrus and Meka

(6/26/06) GC, GP, RW Karello's Play It Again Sam's

(6/26/06) GC, BW Minusdetails Northern Exposure

Sam has short hair, he is known as a Manx in all cat registries. Northern Exposure is a long hair, he is known as a Cymric in TICA and a long haired Manx in CFA. Photos gently send by Karen (Karello cattery)

(4/15/06) Ibizan Hound. its name´s Tom

(4/15/06) Ibizan Hound. its name´s Tom

(1/24/06) This is Roma. Photo sent by Sue

(1/23/06) Dogs' gifts. Photo sent by Elle

(1/23/06) At Christmas time 2005. Photo sent by Elle

(1/06/06) Nikkolas at Christmas time 2005. Photo sent by Sue

(1/04/06) A Santa dog. Photo sent by Sue

(8/22/05) This is ROM a Teckel. Photo sent by JMPB

(8/18/05) This is Mojo!. Photo sent by Elle

(7/15/05) Tro, a very clever dog

(7/15/05) Cat on the grass

(7/15/05) Dog in the mountain

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