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Your Pets Universe  

Thank you for visiting! We have awesome videos and pictures in the galleries, not to mention all the great information that has been put together for all pet lovers like you.

Westchester Cat Sitting    

Westchester Cat Sitting is a professional pet care service specializing in reliable, loving and affordable in-home cat care in Northern Westchester County, New York.

True Image       

Hand painted pet portraits, family portraits, landscapes and fine art from photographs. Have your pet immortalised in acrylics or pencil. The perfect gift for an animal lover. Reasonable prices, international commissions.

The Pat Brody Shelter for Cats 

It's a no-kill, non-profit shelter, located in central New England in the town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts. They rescue stray and abandoned cats and kittens and care for them until they are placed in good homes.

The Feline Solarium  

The Feline Solarium - Luxury Cat Beds for the finicky feline.

Spotted kittens 

Cattery Specializing in Savannah Cats, Bengal Cats, Ocicats, and Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens. Cat breeder of the Savannah cat, Bengal cat, Ocicats, Egyptian Mau cat and kittens at Spotted kittens exotic cattery.

Soulmate Ragdolls 

We offer Ragdoll kittens with puppy-like personalities, deep blue eyes and plush coats. Championship bloodlines. All colors and patterns including lynx. (704) 636-8038

Snowflakesiamese Cattery 

Breeder of Traditional Siamese Cats. Colors seal, tortie, blue and seal points. Located in West Virginia. TCA registered, healthy. Raised indoors. We do NOT ship our kittens.

Siamese Internet Cat Club 

The Siamese Internet Cat Club (SICC), a magical place. Home of siamese rescue.

Pocket Leopards Bengals 

Sacramento bengal breeders specializing in rosetted bengal kittens.

MyCatHatesYou dot com 

Started in 2000, we proudly present you the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet. Brought to you by the author of the best-selling book, Bad Cat.


Messybeast Cat Resource Archive - cat care, welfare, behaviour, rescue, oldies, ferals and general interest. MOGGYCAT'S CAT PAGES.

Lap Cat 

Lap Cat is a resource site for those seeking info on pussy cats and newborn kittens within the UK.

Kitten Smitten 

Cat enthusiast website, providing informative articles, videos, cat related news and more.

Katz Meow Cattery 

Michigan breeder of purebred old-fashioned SIAMESE kittens, registered with ACA.

Karello Cattery 

Karello Cattery - Producing sound, healthy, well socialized CFA registered Manx/Cymric cats since 1996. Sales contract, vet checked, current on all shots, kittens as available, retired breeder/show and rescues on occasions.

Hidden Hollow Cat Trees 

One of the most Unique and Attractive Lines of Cat Trees available today. Each one is Handcrafted with 100% wood frame and created with a Decorative touch that blends in with your decor. Fantasy cat furniture.

Happy Household Pet Cat Club 

The Happy Household Pet Cat Club is an international organization whose membership is open to all feline lovers. Our primary focus is the HHP exhibitor, but it is not necessary to show your cat or even to own a cat to belong.


A small cattery of silver-tabby british.

Chetila┬┤s Bengal Cats 

Welcome to our Bengal cattery. If you want information about Bengal cats or available kittens please contact us.


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