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Sunglasses for dogs

Author: Maria Lofton

Sunglasses for dogs are a cool new fashion item that seems to be gaining a ton of popularity within the dog-owning community, but is there any practical reason that someone would want to buy them for their pooch? You just might be shcoked to find out that yes, they do in fact serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetics.

One of the most useful aspects of doggie sunglasses is the protection they provide from flying dust and debris that can potentially end up in your dog's eyes and cause problems. While it's not really a huge concern for a dog plodding around the house, the protection that a pair of sunglasses provides can be a lifesaver during car rides and rough outdoors activities. Due to the fact that dogs depend on their sense of smell to a large extent, they always seem to be putting their noses everywhere, and putting their eyes in danger of getting poked by sharp objects. Dogs that run around exploring the world, jumping through all types foliage, and chasing things all the time are at an increased risk for sustaining eye injuries. Luckily, a pair of dog sunglasses or goggles are a great way to protect their eyes from these dangerous situations. Eye wear for dogs with tinted lenses can also help protect dogs from harmful Ultraviolet rays which can damage their eyes, and are especially useful for dogs that are particularly sensitive to sunlight. Although dogs who have healthy eyes aren't as susceptible to damage from bright sunlight, it's still a wise idea to add an extra layer of protection to prevent potential issues in the future. Tinted lenses in sunglasses can be a big help in blocking UV rays and reducing glare from the sun, making it more comfortable for your dog to spend time outside in the sunlight.

Even though the sight of a dog wearing a pair of sunglasses on the street might indeed look odd for people who have never seen them before, dog owners have really taken to them, making them one of the most popular accessories for dogs on the market today.

Some dogs may require extra protection for their eyes due to their physical characteristics, such as dogs with large eyes. Some of the breeds usually at a higher risk of suffering an eye injury are Boston terriers, pugs, and French bulldogs. For these dogs with larger eyes have very little in front of them to help protect them, just looking for trouble. Whereas dogs like Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers have a much longer nose in front of them that help prevent them from damaging their eyes when they go about poking their noses around. In addition, their eyes are given extra protection from the fact that they are deeper in their skeletal structure.

Dog with sunglasses  

While these glasses are excellent as an additional form of protection, it is rarely necessary to correct a dog's eyesight. But sometimes, there are rare situations where a dog that has had a particular type of cataracts surgery and may require corrective lenses in order to see properly. Under normal circumstances, an artificial lens would be implanted in the dogís eye while undergoing cataracts surgery, but sometime that isnít possible, leaving the dog farsighted and incapable of focusing on objects right in front of them, in which case a pair of corrective lenses for dogs can be prescribed by a veterinary ophthalmologist. In these cases, a pair of corrective Doggles glasses would be offered to help fix that problem for dogs to see well and live a happy, healthy life. So as you can clearly see, glasses made for dogs are not only for making your dog look cool; they also have many important uses and will help improve your dog's day-to-day life. If you think that some form of eyewear would help your dog, you should make an appointment with your family's veterinarian and ask what type of eyewear would be best for your dog.

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Dogs wearing glasses

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