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Dog food comparison shopping

Author: Janie Knetzer

Dog Food Comparison Shopping - How to Choose the Best Dog Food

Itís a safe bet that youíve heard the old adage, ďYou are what you eat.Ē In large part, whether youíre a dog or a human, itís true. If you want your dog to live a healthy, active life, you have to feed them properly. If you own an older dog, itís even more important to feed your dog properly. Just like humans, as a dog ages, health problems become more and more likely. In a lot of cases, you can prevent your older dog from becoming sick by feeding them nutritious foods.

Foods to Avoid

The best way to choose a food for your dog is to have a look at the ingredients. In most cases, you get what you pay for, and so usually, the cheaper brands of dog food contain fillers and bi-products that arenít healthy for your beloved animal.

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When scanning the ingredients on a dog food package, try to avoid these harmful ingredients.

-  Meat or poultry by-products: Meat and poultry by-products are not good for your dog. By-products cannot be used in foods that are meant for human consumption, but for some reason, is allowed to be used for animal consumption. Things that can be typically found in a by-product include bones, blood, intestines, feet, feathers, intestines and ligaments.

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-  Corn: Corn is used as filler, but itís difficult for a dog to digest.

-  Food by-products: Just like meat and poultry by-products, dog food may contain by-products from other food sources, such as brewerís rice.

-  Preservatives: Chemical preservatives are not good for your dog. Preservatives are chemicals used to preserve food, and if eaten every day, the chemicals can build up in your dogs system, causing detrimental effects. You can usually tell if something is a preservative by the weird name. For example, propylene glycol and ethoxyquin are chemical preservatives that are sometimes found in dog food.

-  Rendered Animal Fat: Sometimes dog food will contain rendered animal fat, which is basically fat that is deemed unfit for human consumption. Itís also unhealthy for your dog. Instead, look for naturally preserved poultry or meat fat.

-  Sugar: Sugar and sweeteners can cause diabetes in your dog, and should be avoided.

Before buying your senior dog pet food, you should pay close attention to what that food contains. Avoid the above ingredients at all costs. Your dog will thank you.

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