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5 Hot Tips: Aggressive Dog Training, Truths About Dog Aggression
by Julia Walden

All dogs need basic dog obedience training. They, like young children, must learn manners. It is very likely for a dog to have behavior problems. Some canines display aggressive dog behavior, some bark too much, some are constantly digging up your garden, etc. So, don't have an anxiety attack if your dog is misbehaving. There is help available. A typical dilemma faced by dog owners is dog aggression. This, as well as other bad dog behaviors, can be put to an end. To stop dog behavior problems, it is necessary to understand what is triggering them.

Correcting aggressive dogs calls upon you to discover the root of the aggression. Does your dog act an aggressive manner towards family members, strangers, or both? You must ask yourself this critical question. The answer will influence treatment of the problem.

If your dog only acts aggressively towards strangers, then it is necessary for you to learn how to socialize your dog. If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior towards people in your family, you must learn how to deal with dog pack behavior and resource guarding. Dogs also show familial aggression when they are improperly handled or treated. So, it is critical for each member of the family to know what type of handling can invoke aggression in a dog.

With the proper guidance, aggressive dog training becomes less of a burden. There are many books on dog behavior that can help you with dog obedience training as well as teach you how to stop dog behavior problems, such as dog aggression. If you have a disobedient dog, would like to be able to train your dog in the comfort of your own home, and do not want to spend a lot of money on dog training classes, then a book on dog behavior would be a very wise investment.

Here are 5 Tips that you can use to begin correcting aggressive dogs today!

  • If he is still a puppy, expose your pet to as many new people and environments as possible.

  • Make sure your puppy receives lots of physical contact so he can become accustomed to being touched.

  • Make it clear to your dog that You are the one in control.

  • Obedience training lessons should never be too long, inconsistent, or sporadic.

  • Give rewards to your dog when he follows your commands and put him into seclusion when he misbehaves.

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